„To a stranger, my library might seem confusing, even troubling, but to me, its disorder means everything. Why should we organize our books when we read in such joyfully disorganized ways—leaping time period, author, genre; failing to finish books; starting two at once? Why should anything but our own history determine our shelves—and why not preserve that history, as we preserve the books themselves?”

Abigail Deutsch – Song of my Shelf


In the late 1950s, during a restoration of the chapel in Bari, the archdiocese of Bari allowed a team of hand-picked scientists to photograph and measure the contents of the crypt grave. In the summer of 2005, the report of these measurements was sent to a forensic laboratory in England. The review of the data revealed that the historical St. Nicholas was barely five feet in height and had a broken nose.

In the past number of years, there has been a recurrent discussion about the perceived politically incorrect nature of the Moorish helper of Sinterklaas in the Netherlands, Zwarte Piet (black Pete). In particular Dutch citizens with backgrounds from Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles feel offended by the Dutch slavery history connected to this emblem and regard the Zwarte Pieten to be racist.

And now you can try to understand why walking on the street this evening and seeing blond children with their faces and hands painted black, wearing colourful clothes, is rather disturbing. Raaaaather disturbing.