The rooms of my university feel grey and cold and lifeless. Not even bacteria could reproduce in that environment. Sonja would say they have a bad aura. And to think they are training art students… I’m reading a bok on Hundertwasser now. Since at school they alwasy tell us to react to the environment we show things in, clearly, I have to work on this aura business and lighten things up in there. Make it a playground. Draw huge bubbles on the walls in yellow. Or something…

un po di tenerezza

mama mea intr-un mesaj despre bunica mea:

„am dus-o azi pe mami la strand, asa de fericita a fost, se tinea de bara si inota ca un copil”

imi aminteste de descrierea facuta intr-un text de demult parintilor mei care m-au dus dimineata pe la 5 la gara: „frumosi si infrigurati ca niste copii”