Economical Suicide

Spread your fingers as far apart as possible
Place between them the grain of a pea
Knees kneeling down on a grater
Slip a sucking sweet in your mouth
Your back pressed against the smooth concrete of
a laundry
One’s heels placed into the outflow by the bath
just as the plug has been pulled
Calves painted with egg yolk
let it dry
and endure
Run water in the basin
Shoes off
Dip your face

Jan Svankmajer, 1979.
dedicated to his wife Eva.

PhD? who, me?!

review of Bichsel’s Kindergeschichten:

„Semisweet shaggy dog stories about dear little men who are, in one peculiar way or another, obsessed. One man … is infatuated with trains and knows so much about them – engine numbers, timetables, routes – that he feels no need whatever to ride one. (If a person uses his head, you see, he doesn’t have to board a train to find out where it will go.)”

You see I’d rather board the trains. The question is, which trains.