Am aflat tot felul de chestii palpitante in ultimul timp, ca de exemplu faptul ca „linoleu” vine de la „ulei de in” si „leru-i ler” de la „le Roi, le Roi” si alte chestii de genul asta care pe mine ma fascineaza. Cumva…

(in ciuda aparentelor, I ain’t getting all soft and fluffy. I stumbled over this in the notebook I’m learnin’ and learned German from, and thought „damn!” (si nu „drace!”, cum se traduce „damn” uneori))

sounds of hometown

the washing machine turning/spinning
my dad listening to the impersonal voice of the daily news
birds chirping
the upstairs neighbours’ dog’s brief bark
a drunk gips laughing, singing and snaping his fingers and his wife cursing him in Hungarian
the teenagers on the bench in front of my block using heavy words to establish the hierarchy
the shrill laughter of little girls playing a game I used to play too
my stereo at the end of a jazz CD making a brief noise of stopping
my brother’s fingers on the computer keyboard
a car passing by
the wind lightly blowing through the leaves