Ivetei Lalova – sprintera bulgară clasată doar pe locul 4 în finala olimpică de la 100 metri şi pe locul 5 în proba de 200 metri – un reprezentant al Partidului Bărbaţilor i-a sărutat entuziasmat picioarele… Există un asemenea partid, există asemenea membri de partid, există asemenea bărbaţi!

Radu Cosasu – Dilema, 3-9 sept. 2004

„Ever think you might like to do something in research when you grow up?

Medical research, or something of that kind? It seems to me, with your mind, it might eventually-”

Teddy answered, but without sitting down. „I thought about that once, a couple of years ago,”he said. „?’ve „talked to quite a few doctors.” He shook his head. „That wouldn’t interest me very much. Doctors stay too right on the surface. They’re always talking about cells and things.”

„Oh! You don’t attach any importance to cell structure?”

„Yes, sure, I do. But doctors talk about cells as if they had such unlimited importance all by themselves. As if they didn’t really belong to the person that has them.” Teddy brushed back the hair from his forehead with one hand. „I grew my own body,” he said. „Nobody else did it for me. So if I grew it, I musthave known how to grow it. Unconsciously, at least.”

Salinger – Nine Stories – „Teddy”