…The true pessimists are those who continue to seek happiness. Wait for two or three years and then go and ask them what they have attained.

Can I ask you where your optimism lies?

It lies in being aware that the drama of our civilization consists in a non-harmonious development between the requirements of technology and the needs of the spirit, whose perfection is the true purpose of life.


Cheerful people seem guilty to me, because they can’t comprehend the mournful value of existence. I accept happiness only in children and the elderly, with all others I am intolerant.


“Dumnezeu a facut întâi ceata si norii; apoi ploaia. La urma a facut vremea frumoasa.

Esti – în ce ani ? Ai cetii, ai ploii ? întreb prieteneste. Pregateste-ti, ca demiurgul, vremea frumoasa.”

Constantin Noica – Jurnal de idei, Ed.Humanitas, 1990, pg.389.