SImt nevoia imperioasa de a adauga tot de pe situl de interpratare a viselor (si imi amintesc iar de Statele Unite):


„All information on this site is not a definitive nor an authoritative interpretation on dreams. Information provided on this site is for personal entertainment, reference, and educational purposes. Dream Moods does not hold any credentials or licenses in the psychological or medical fields and its opinions should not be considered as from a professional source. Therefore, this site does not serve as a replacement for mental or psychological counseling. All visitors are encouraged to think for themselves and keep an open mind. Content on this site is not the final word on dreams and may not reflect everybody. Dream Moods shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages or harm arising from the use of any content on this site, regardless of the accuracy or completeness of the content. Dream interpretation is a subjective study. Making important decisions based solely on Dream Moods’ interpretation and analysis is unwise and strongly discouraged. Use you own intuition, instincts, and common sense. Use and access to the Dream Moods site indicates that you understand and agree with all the terms and conditions in the disclaimer. ”

De ce e nevoie ca regulile acestea sa fie scrise? Uneori ma gandesc ca va fi din ce in ce mai rau… ni se va scrie si pe paine cum sa o taiem…


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