„We were standing in line outside of something,

two by two, or alone in pairs, or simply alone,

looking into windows full of scissors,

windows full of shoes. the street was closing,

the city was closing, would we be the

ones to make it? They were showing

in a glass case, the Man without a Country.

we held up our passports in his face, we wept for him…”

Adrienne Rich – The Man without a Country

…boring long fake stupid self applause events. . „oh how smart we are, how beautiful, how honorful and brave”…



I wish I had time to go around shooting non-existent pedestrians.


Everything I will write from now are excerpts from my random thoughts 2 to 1 year ago.

I will announce it when they end, but they seem promisingly long.


un lucru bun este faptul ca viata asta nu are sens. nu-i asa?